Premium Tezos Baking Service 

We are having the best fee and payout mix among all premium bakers. This results in a high 91% baking reward (only 9% dynamic fee) combined with the fastest payout in the baking industry. 15 days prior to almost all other bakers. Exclusive to big stakeholders with a minimum of 2,000 Tezos.

Free Capacity: 2,546,310 (more than 2.5 million) Tezos 

Just delegate your Tezos to: tz1QGZ3dD2YpRKZ4APeso6EXTeyCUUkw6MQC

Our Mission

 We deliver highest rewards combined with fastest payouts in the Tezos baking industry.  We are dedicated to big Tezos stakeholders. High reliability and security is a given.

91% Reward

You will receive 91% of the baking reward. As we only accept delegations with a minimum of 2,000 Tezos we have been able to offer such high rewards. Our fee is only 9% .

Fastest Payouts

The reward payout is done immediatelly after the Tezzies are baked. You will receive your payouts every cycle. No freeze time and therefore 15 days prior to almost all other bakers in the industry.

Stay in Touch with us.

System- , Baking- and Payout-Reports are published on our twitter account on a regular basis. Please click the button below to visit our Twitter Account:

In case of questions: Please check our FAQ section below or send us an email to:



What is Tezos?

Tezos is a DPoS (delegated proof of stake) cryptocurrency. With that concept Tezos owners can receive additional Tezos for free. This process is called Baking.

Why Baking?

Baking means that bakers with a minimum of 2,000 Tezos can create new blocks and earn rewards for it. Yearly inflation is set to 5.5% on Tezos and if you don't bake you are losing on this interest and giving it up to others.

Why delegate to TezosBC?

We are a professional and premium baking service. We have the highest rewards combined with the fastest payouts. We are dedicated to big Tezos stakeholders. At the same time we support decentralization.

What kind of Delagations are possible?

Due to constant bond increases we have a very high free capacity. However we do not accept delegation below an amount of 2,000 Tezos. We support decentralization and therefore we are also not accepting single delegations with more than 1,000,000 (one million) Tezos.  If you are qualified just delegate your Tezos to: tz1QGZ3dD2YpRKZ4APeso6EXTeyCUUkw6MQC

Can I lose my Tezos?

No, you will never lose any Tezos by delegating as only we are responsible to pay for the baking bonds. You only give us the permission to bake for you.

What's in for me?

You will receive 91% of the delegation reward as our fee is only 9%. Please have in mind that we only accept delegations over 2,000 Tezos. To get your Tezos rewards just delegate your Tezos to: tz1QGZ3dD2YpRKZ4APeso6EXTeyCUUkw6MQC

When will I get paid?

It takes 7 cycles for the network to do bakings after delegation and another 5 cycles for the network to unfreeze the baked rewards. Therefore bakers typically pay you earliest after 12 cycles (36 days) of delegation. We are different: We pay you immediatelly after the rewards are baked for a given cycle, 15 days earlier than almost all the other bakers. We pay each cycle.

How to delegate?

Please follow the link to this guide to delegate using tezbox: If you are using CLI then follow this link:

Delegate your Tezos to: tz1QGZ3dD2YpRKZ4APeso6EXTeyCUUkw6MQC 

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