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We are a Tezos Delegation Service.


Only 4.9 % Dynamic Fees



You will receive 95.1% of the delegation reward as our fee is only 4.9%.

You will receive your payout after each cycle.

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What is Tezos?

Tezos is a DPoS (delegated proof of stake) cryptocurrency, With that concept you can receive additional Tezos for free. This process is called Baking.

Why Baking?

Baking means that bakers  with a minimum of 10,000 Tezos  can create new blocks and earn rewards for it. Yearly inflation is set to 5.5% on Tezos and if you don't bake you are losing on this interest and giving it up to others. With us you can bake with any amount of Tezos.

Why delegate to TezosBC?

Decentralisation is king. The goal is to have as many bakers as possible to be decentralized. Right now the distribution of bakers is quite centralized. We offer our service to support decentralization. We also have one of the lowest fee available.

Can I lose my Tezos?

No, you will never lose any Tezos by delegating as only we are responsible to pay for the bonds. You only give us the permission to bake for you.

What's in for me?

You will receive 95.1 % of the delegation reward as our fee is only 4.9%. Please have in mind that you cannot bake by yourself with less than 10,000 Tezos but if you delegate to us it is possible and you will earn rewards accordingly.

When will I get paid?

It takes 5 cycles for the network to unfreeze the baked rewards. We pay you immediatelly after the rewards are unfrozen for a given cycle.

How to delegate?

Please follow the link to this guide to delegate using tezbox: https://medium.com/cryptium/how-to-delegate-s-xtz-with-tezbox-online-wallet-96592e94e357 

If you are using CLI then follow this link: https://medium.com/@csoreff/getting-started-with-the-tezos-command-line-client-on-betanet-macos-484d16be4612


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